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Guided bus, walking, bike and boat tours in Berlin and Potsdam!

Private Walking Tours in Berlin

If you really want to experience Berlin at face level, a walking tour might be the right way for you to discover the streets of Berlin! You can take your time, hear, see, feel and sometimes even smell all the surprising little things that would maybe slip your attention if you passed them by in a bus or a car.

Private Stadtführung zu Fuß Berlin

What is a Private Tour?

“Private” means that the tour will take place only for you and your group, and the tour date and the starting time are determined by you. As opposed to public tours, which are held regularly at fixed tour dates, there won´t be any other participants. Therefore the guide can adapt individually to the wishes, needs, interests and preferences of your group. Furthermore, the route can be changed, and the tour can start at the hotel or end at a restaurant, for example.

If you are organizing a business event where participants spend the whole day in a meeting or in panel discussions, you will give them an opportunity to stretch their legs and get some impressions of the city. If the locations are not too far away from each other, the walking tour can even start at the event location and end directly at the restaurant.

Wide Choice of Districts and Topics

A private walking tour in Berlin sometimes focusses on a topic of interest, e. g., the Berlin Wall, modern architecture or the Third Reich. Or it might lead through a certain part of town like, for example, the historical city center, Kreuzberg or the Government Quarter.

One of the popular tours through the history of Berlin starts at Brandenburg Gate, the city´s most famous landmark. From there it passes the American, French, British and Russian embassies and continues along the boulevard “Unter den Linden” into the heart of the historical city center to Palace Square and the impressive Berlin Cathedral. You will see many museums and two of Berlin´s three opera houses along the way. At one point this tour leaves Unter den Linden just to show you the splendor of Gendarmenmarkt with the beautiful buildings of the French Dome, the German Dome and the Schauspielhaus, all of which date back to the 18th century.

Nicholas Quarter is the most ancient part of Berlin. The reconstructed houses make you feel like back in the Middle Ages, when streets were paved with cobblestones and the narrow streets made unexpected turns to let you discover something new at every step. St. Nicholas is Berlin´s oldest church and has now been turned into a museum on the city´s eventful history.

Hackesche Hoefe is where the advantages of a walking tour can be felt more than anywhere else: The quiet and charming atmosphere of Germany´s largest system of interconnected backyards keeps fascinating visitors from all over the world and can not be accessed by busses or even bicycles. Peculiar and stylish boutiques, cozy cafes, bars, cinemas, galleries and night clubs create a unique mixture of art, culture and business – a “must see” for anyone who´s interested in authentic Berlin lifestyle.

Then there are the 28 years Berlin had to spend in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Of course, we offer a walking tour that covers all the events in connection with this dark period in the history of the city.

Another topical walking tour leads you through Kreuzberg, a district that is truly a melting-pot and has become synonymous with a multicultural lifestyle. This part of the city has a history of its own and fascinates visitors with its colourful and vibrant street life. On a walking tour you can easily connect with locals and get to know many interesting details.

Our walking tours will never bore you with endless monologues. They take you to parts of Berlin that are “off the beaten track” and give you an opportunity to explore this lively and pulsating city with all your senses. On your way you can take a break in one of the typical Berlin bars or treat yourself to a bargain in one of those exciting, fancy little shops in the side streets. You can be sure that such a relaxed private walking stroll with a personal tour guide is really fun and a truly memorable experience!

You will find a variety of private walking tours with prices and tour descriptions at Private Walking Tours.

Private Walking Tours in Berlin
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