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Guided bus, walking, bike and boat tours in Berlin and Potsdam!

River Cruises in Berlin

Not all visitors to Berlin have yet discovered the enormous potential of exploring Berlin by boat. Cruising on the rivers Spree and Havel or on Lake Wannsee, new perspectives will open up at every corner. Many sights assume a different apperance when seen from the riverside. Just switch on “Cruise Control” and float by many a sightseeing highlight on both sides of the river to get an idea of the city´s structure and how it was built around and at the water.

River Cruise in Berlin

There are different types of cruises, so everyone will find a tour that suits his interests.

Small City Cruise (1 hour)

This tour passes along the highlights of the city center, for example, Museum Island, the Reichstag building, and the Chancellery. Many travellers think Museum Island to be the most beautiful architectural gem in Berlin. It hasn´t been declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage for nothing. It took 100 years to build these five unique museum buildings on an island that is entirely dedicated to ancient history, modern art and cultural treasures of the present and the past.

Reichstag building is another main attraction to tourists. The famous Glass Dome is a symbol of democracy and a popular spot to enjoy a panorama view of the city. This enormous construction is made of 800 tons of steel and glass and leaves visitors speechless for its architectural finesse. The Chancellery right opposite the Reichstag communicates an atmosphere of transparency and accessibility. For example, when there´s an Open Day, you will have good chances to get in touch with the Chancellor herself. Government Quarter is a vast space amidst a slope of the river Spree, and the best way to discover it is a river cruise!

All the cruises come with a variety of menus and beverages that can be ordered in advance or on board. This makes it possible to schedule a river cruise in the context of a special event or a family gathering. There is a rich culinary offering to be enjoyed either on the sun-deck or the inside deck.

Spree River Cruise (90 minutes)

A river cruise on river Spree that takes you from the West to the East all the way through the city center. You will easily notice the differences between the different parts of the formerly divided city. The tour starts at Charlottenburg Palace and passes Bellevue palace, the seat of the Federal President. Later you will see the Government Quarter, Museum Island and Nicholas Quarter. Finally you disembark near the TV Tower which is Berlin´s highest building. Apart from serving as a broadcasting device, it is also a popular meeting point (as it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city) and point of reference for sightseeing tours. From the panorama platform you will have a fantastic view of the city.

Discover Berlin Tour (4 hours)

There are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice! Most tourists, who explore the city on their own two feet, will never truly understand this. Some of the city´s best-known bridges are, for example, Weidendammer Bruecke, Oberbaumbruecke, Warschauer Bruecke and Jannowitzbruecke. This tour takes you to one of the in-scene districts of Berlin: Friedrichshain. This is where the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall stretches along the riverside. The East Side Gallery features more than 100 paintings on these former pieces of the Wall – a very special Hall of Fame. The most famous picture is probably the controversial “Brothers´ Kiss” showing former heads of state Brezhnev and Honecker engaged in a passionate kiss.

You will find a choice of river cruises at River Cruises in Berlin.

River Cruises in Berlin
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