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Guided bus, walking, bike and boat tours in Berlin and Potsdam!

Bicycle Tours in Berlin

A trip to Berlin means exploring the unconventional. This city has a lot of sights, interesting buildings and thrilling events to offer. Why always resort to walking tours or sightseeing tours by bus? Bicycle tours are a convenient way of riding through the city, discovering many unexpected places and having a lot of fun.

Fahrradtouren in Berlin

What makes a Bicycle Tour so special

First of all looking at the city from a cyclist´s perspective is entirely different from driving a car or trodding on the sidewalk. You will be not just one of thousands of pedestrians, but have your own seat instead. Nevertheless, you won´t be alone or on your own. A knowledgeable and amicable tour guide will take you along, show you the way and provide you with all the interesting and fun facts connected to the sights that you ride by. There is a wide choice of different tours, so you don´t have to stick to the main sights. The city has many highlights to offer and almost all of them can be reached by bicycle. It´s even possible to customize the route according to your interests. Especially if you come to Berlin with a larger group, you might want to choose this popular option.

If you want to explore Berlin by bike and learn the stories behind the sights you are seeing, a guided bicycle tour might be what you are looking for. For more information on prices and tour descriptions, see Bike Tours in Berlin.

Having it all at once

Most bicycle tours in Berlin will last about 3 hours. If you take it easy and try not to hurry, such a tour will become an even more rewarding experience. Most people choose a general tour with the most important highlights to get an overview and have a look at the most interesting spots later. If you love city life, a bicycle tour is just about the perfect mixture of must-see places like Hackescher Markt, Potsdamer Platz oder the Government Quarter and in-scene places that are not covered by your everyday guide book. For example, a tour might feature the private apartment of a famous person, beautiful old residential buildings or insights into trendy new lifestyles. The distance that is covered by these tours depends on your preferences and mostly varies between 10 and 20 kilometers.

The other Side

Another option that bicycle tours in Berlin offer: Routes that take you to authentic places and give proof to a famous quote by our former mayor who said, Berlin was “poor but sexy”. There are actually many different areas in Berlin that fall into this line and can be explored on an enjoyable bicycle tour. For example, young Berliners love to have parties in former industrial buildings on both sides of the river Spree. Apart from that, there´s also Friedrichshain, Nicholas Quarter and many other highlights that give you a glance of the creativity and vitality that make Berlin so attractive to people all around the world.

Where History has been made

Germany´s largest city is closely connected with the ups and downs of its history. Buildings, sights and attractions all have their historical references. For this reason a bicycle tour can be directly linked with the history of Berlin. For example, the history of the Third Reich or the Berlin Wall can be the subject of a bicycle tour that refreshes your knowledge and gives you new insights. Especially the bicycle path along the former wall passes many places that stand for Berlin´s history in the 20th century: the overground bunker in Humboldthain park, the Holocaust Memorial, the center of the projected “World Capital Germania”, the Wall Memorial, a former watchtower and many other places of interest.


Bike Tours in Berlin
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